Essay style thought experiments designed to facilitate self analysis

Following is a free form provocation tool, designed to elicit thought about gender identity. Use this tool to provoke self examination. Answer each question with as much heartfelt honesty and awareness as possible. Explore the concepts and expand on them.

1. Do I express femininity MORE for freedom of being, or for the pleasure I feel?

2. Clothes, or Self? If everyone dressed exactly the same, male or female, how would this need in me express itself….or would it?

3. Which gender expression permits me more freedom to be and do what I REALLY want, male or female?

4. If I do nothing, I will lose the ability to be accepted as a female forever, and within about five years. How do I feel? What does this make me want to do?

5. My penis is GONE FOREVER. How do I feel about that?

6. If I had to pick only one sex to be FOREVER, would it be male, or female?

7. That choice is already being made for me. How do I feel about that?

8. List the single most important thing that comes to heart about being ‘en femme’ (dressing or otherwise expressing female gender).

9. If I spent the rest of my life just dressing as a woman, but living as a man, is that enough?

10. It is ten years from now. WHAT am I?

11. I wake up one morning and I am a woman. It is PERMANENT. It will never, ever change. How do I feel about that?

12. Is there ANYTHING I cannot do as a woman that I could do as a man? How important is that?

13. If I will feel about my gender the way I do right now, for the rest of my life, can I live with that? For exactly how long?

14. Suddenly the entire world is devoid of gender. All people are hermaphrodites, utterly androgynous in personality and form. The culture reflects this, as does all human interaction. I am still me. Living in this world, would I still want to be a woman? Why?

15. One of the following things is stopping me from being my preferred gender. Which is it?

A. I am unsure.
B. I fear what others will do.
C. What if I regret it?
D. It is too much to face.

16. I am offered two choices. I am assured that I will not regret either choice, once it is completed. Both are painless and foolproof. One choice is to have the wiring of my brain altered so that it corresponds with my male body, eliminating forever any yearning to be female. The other choice is to have my body altered to fit my brain, so that I am fully female. Which is my preferred choice? Does one choice seem wrong? Why?

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